Arm and Leg Lift Surgery in Istanbul

What is an Arm and Leg Stretching Operation?
Sagging and loosening of the arms is the most common problem in women in middle age and older. The unhappiness experienced by women who have experienced this problem has contributed to the development of arm lift surgery in medical science.

Arm stretching is a surgical method that is applied to eliminate arm sagging, especially in women over the age of 40. There is a wide range of causes of sagging in patients undergoing arm lift surgery. These can be sorted as follows: Hereditary characteristics, excessive weight gain-loss, aging. In an arm lift surgery, the goal is to thin the arm and make it tighter. 

As a result of the progression of people’s age and very frequent weight loss, deformations occur in various parts of the body. Sagging is very common, especially in the inner legs. The inner legs can rub together when wearing clothes such as skirts and dresses. As a result of this friction, diaper rash can occur in the legs.

These frictions lead to bad looks on the legs over time. These problems that occur in the legs can be solved by leg stretching operations. Many people who complain about these problems resort to leg stretching operations.

Operation Duration: 1-3 hours

Anesthesia: Local

Length Hospital Stay: 1 day

Return to Social Life: 2 days

Healing Process After Arm Lift Operation

After the arm lift surgery is completed, it is natural to see swelling and bruises in the first days of the patient, who can immediately return to his daily life. To prevent such adverse conditions, the patient may be advised to wear an anti-swelling bandage. In the days following the operation, the recommended arm is held high. After an arm-stretching operation, the pain is almost minimal. Pain can be prevented thanks to painkillers in this process.

Since Dr. Aykut Gok special stitches are used in arm lift surgery, there is no need to remove any stitches after the operation.

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    What To Consider Before Arm Stretching Operation?

    Before surgery, you should inform Dr. Aykut Gok specialists about the medications you are using and your chronic diseases. You should decamp your bad habits, such as smoking and alcohol, for a while. You should also not use drugs that have blood diluent properties for a while.

    Before the operation, you should get detailed information from our doctors about the operation process. Success in the arms and legs as a result of the operation is possible with the mutual exchange of information about this process.

    There are no restrictions on leg stretching and arm stretching. People with deformed legs can resort to leg stretching. Before the operation, a meeting with Dr. Aykut Gok specialists is held and it is decided which method to perform the arm lift operation.

    What to Consider After Arm Stretching Operation?

    What to Consider After Arm Stretching Operation?

    After arm lift surgery, the patient must complete everything recommended by Dr. Aykut Gok specialists.
    During the healing process, you should avoid habits such as smoking and alcohol.
    Avoid rapid weight gain and loss after the arm-stretching operation.
    In the early stages of the healing process, exercises that will force the arm should be avoided.
    After leg stretching surgery, you can use the medications recommended by your doctor to ease your pain.
    You should not shower for the first 2 days after surgery. After 2 days, you can easily shower.
    You should not lift heavy during the first week after surgery.
    You must protect your legs against possible bumps and external influences.