Lip Surgery, Lip Aesthetics

Aesthetics of the lip, it is necessary to draw attention to the balance between the upper lip and the lower lip. The upper lip should be three-quarters the size of the lower lip.
The corners of the mouth, the fold angles of the edges of the lips, the distance between the lips and the nose, the slope of the upper lip area, lines and angles, the condition of the skin around the lips should be considered as a whole in lip aesthetics. In addition, the structure, color, ranking, symmetry of the teeth, the structure of the gums, smile, the biting relationship between the lower and upper teeth also directly affects the shape of the lips.
The lip is a texture with dynamic aesthetics. Lips should be able to move, participate in facial expressions, be comfortable to use during the speech, soft and flexible. If the lip made with all this attention is compatible with the face, the aesthetic lip is formed.

Professional Solution For Lip Aesthetics

 Depending on age, due to the sun’s radiation or repeated facial movements, wrinkles can also form on our lips along with our faces. Among the aesthetic applications that remove these lines, dermal fillers, especially those containing hyaluronic acid, whose varieties have increased in recent years, can be used effectively.
With Dermal filler injections, it is possible to create both volume and contour and open lines.

How Is Lip Aesthetics Performed?

Lip aesthetics in general the injection is an easy application completed in just 10 minutes. Before application, the injection is started within 15 minutes by applying the drug-acting creams. It gives immediate results as soon as the operation is performed, the change can be noticed immediately when viewed in the mirror. As for pain, today it performs a more comfortable intervention thanks to lidocaine in the content of fillers. Duck lip fear is a procedure performed by an experienced specialist physician who adjusts the number of injections with a special approach to the anatomical structure of the person. Lips give special results and strange looks do not appear.

Wrinkles are treated with lip aesthetics

Lip filler provides shaping or volume according to the patient’s wishes and facial character with a small injection, and fine wrinkles and lines around the lips can also be treated with this procedure. We also need to remind that lip fillers are not permanent, these fillers are melted by the body over time.


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    The person’s lifestyle and metabolism, as well as external factors, determine the duration of lip filling. Although after the procedure, it causes effects such as mild swelling, redness, or bruising depending on the anatomical structure of people, the injected substance does not pose a significant risk, as it contains hyaluronic acid, which is already present in the body under the skin. Lip fillers are also made for men. As a result of a decrease in hyaluronic acid under the skin with age, we lose skin fullness and tension. This loss can cause relaxation and thinness of the lips. But despite this, with the right injection techniques, it is possible to shape as desired. The practice can be performed at a leisure time, even during lunch for employees. After the application, you can easily return to normal life, it is not recommended to drink very hot drinks for only one to two hours.

    The duration of activity of the lip filler varies depending on factors such as the person’s age, lip structure, elasticity, properties, quantity, quality of the injected filler. It is also very important that the person looks natural when the procedure is finished. For this purpose, the diagnosis of the doctor, his experience, the person’s face must be well evaluated from afar and closely.

    Lip Aesthetics Methods

    A. Classic Lip

    It is the most requested lip plumping method of our patients who do not want radical changes in appearance and lip structure, only want to gain volume and fullness. Here, volume is restored to the lip structure, which is thinned and extinguished by the effect of aging.

    B. Rubina Lips

    The Rubina style, which is usually preferred by those who like their lips much fuller, bears similarities to each other in the classic method. The difference here is that Rubina gives her lips more volume in style than the classic filling.

    C. Eve Style Lip Filler

    It is more of an application for the lower lip. It is preferred in cases where the line of the lip disappears at the corners of the mouth, and these areas are given volume.

    D. Pierlique Lips

    In this lip model, only the lower lip shows density. Bloating is created on the lower lip, which stands like two pearls. In short, it is the lower lip form of the cupid style that we are talking about below. In addition, this process gives lips a more attractive expression than other styles.

    E. Cupid Lip Style

    It is the practice of creating two pearls on the upper lips. It is a baby style that provides a youthful look to the person’s overall facial circumference.

    F. Angel Wing Filling

    In this application, which leads to a change in shape on the upper lips, the area called vermilion is marked with fillers. Women also love this form, which reveals a simple and flashy lip structure.