Genital Aesthetics

Aesthetics of the vagina generally refers to aesthetic operations related to the genital area.

Vaginal aesthetic surgeries are a special area of cosmetic gynecology. Most of the operations and practices related to vaginal aesthetics are performed by gynecologists (obstetricians and Gynecologists).

Why Is Genital Aesthetics Done?

In our society, “vaginal aesthetics” is incorrectly used to describe genital plastic surgery. However, in labioplasty operations, which are the most common of genital area operations, we do not fix the inner “vagina”, but the external genital area, that is, the vulva, from a cosmetic point of view. We do not touch the vagina or hymen, which are part of the internal genital system. Vaginal narrowing surgery (vaginoplasty) is more of a gynecological operation than plastic surgery.

Internal and external genital system is separated by the hymen (hymen). In other words, the procedure performed with labioplasty, which is an external genital plastic surgery, should not be a vaginal aesthetic, but a “vulva aesthetic (valvuloplasty)”, the correct expression of which describes the external genitalia.

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    Vaginal Aesthetics Surgeries

    Inner lip aesthetics (labioplasty, labia minora surgery, labia minora reduction, labia minora aesthetics, labio pinnaplasty),

    Clitoral hudoplasty (Clitoral hoodoplasty – removal of skin layers above the clitoris),

    Vaginoplasty (surgical narrowing, tightening of the vagina),

    Perineoplasty (aesthetic correction of the area between the vagina, called the perineum, removal of birth suture marks, correction), G-spot Magnification (G spot augmentation),

    Puboplasty (aesthetics of the’ Pubis ‘ mound known as the lower groin area),

    Labio majora augmentation (Labio majora augmentation, fat filling on large lips),

    Labio Majora tightening (tightening of large lips, giving fullness),

    Genital discoloration (applications related to discoloration in the darkening genital area),

    Hymen planting (Himenoplasty – temporary or permanent repair of the hymen).

    In addition, laser procedures applied to the genital area have gained a lot of speed today, especially in recent years.

    Laser Applications To Genital Area

    Tightening of outer lips (Labio Majora tightening),

    Laser genital area discoloration (Genital area whitening, labial whitening/bleaching),

    Laser vagina renewal, rejuvenation, tightening (Laser vaginal regeneration).

    Should vaginal aesthetic surgeries be performed by gynecologists or plastic surgeons?

    One of the very common questions by patients is the question ‘Should surgery related to the aesthetics of the vagina be performed by gynecologists or on the side of plastic surgeons’.

    Vaginal aesthetic surgeries are mostly performed by obstetricians, that is, gynecologists, who work specifically on this issue and know the anatomy of the genital area well. Recently, it has also become an area of interest for plastic surgeons. The doctor who has “experience” in this regard must be reached instead of the answer whether it is a gynecologist or plastic surgeon.

    We recommend that you do good research before performing vaginal Aesthetic Surgery. Information such as the knowledge, experience, National and International Training, publications, how many years he has performed these operations, and how many patients he has had so far is important for the doctor who will operate. In addition, the communication and trust that you will establish with the doctor before surgery is also extremely important.