Forehead & Eyebrow Lift

Forehead And Eyebrow Lift

Aging is a phenomenon that causes many changes in humans. As a result of aging, a person can experience a decrease in mobility and life functions, as well as undergo many changes in terms of visuals. As a result of aging, the most common problem is wrinkles and sagging. Wrinkles and sagging as a result of aging are seen in various parts of the body, especially on the face. Wrinkles, especially in the forehead area, cause discomfort to people. One of the operations that people often resort to is removing wrinkles in the forehead germ. The goal with a forehead lift operation is to achieve high, non-frowned eyebrows and a taut forehead.

If you have deep horizontal lines on your forehead and a steep line that extends to your nose cuts this line, you can have a forehead lift by contacting Dr. Aykut Gok.

Operation Time: 1-1. 5 Hours

Anesthesia: Local Anesthesia

Hospital Stay: 1 night

Return To Social Life: 3-4 Days

How Is A Forehead Lift Performed? What Are Forehead Lift Techniques?

A forehead lift is an operation that can be performed under local or general anesthesia. Dr. Aykut Gok specialists generally prefer local anesthesia. It is a method usually applied to men or women over the age of 40 who do not have any health problems. There are 2 different techniques used in forehead lift operation.

Endoscopic method: in this method, which is applied to patients who do not need to remove excess tissue, 3-4 2 cm size incisions are removed from the scalp and the tissues are removed by the endoscopic method. After the tissue is removed from the incisions, the Dr. Aykut Gok stitches with special sewing methods. After the operation, which lasts about 1 hour, the patient’s forehead lift is completed. This is the most common method used in forehead lift operation. In patients who apply this method, the healing process is shorter. This method does not experience any loss of sensation.

Open surgery method: this method, called the classic method, is applied to patients who need to remove excess tissue. Because the incisions are larger in this method, scars remain on the scalp. Loss of sensation in the scalp is also experienced. In this method, the healing process is long and painful.

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    How Is Eyebrow Lifting Done?

    An eyebrow lift can be performed with surgery according to the need, and in some cases, it can be performed without surgery. It is possible to sort the methods of eyebrow lifting as follows.

    Eyebrow lift with Botox

    Botox brow removal method begins with the design of eyebrows in a way that suits the face of people. Individuals have a more pleasant appearance by designing the eyebrow in the way it should be on the face.

    Eyebrow lift with Ultherapy

    Eyebrow lift with Ultherapy is performed with ultrasound energy, which is focused on high intensity. Devices such as Ultra skin, ulthera, and double are some of the devices used in Ultherapy. Radiofrequency systems or lasers only affect the skin. But with this method, the tissue under the skin is affected. 

    Endoscopic Eyebrow Lift

    With the endoscope, it is possible to remove eyebrows without any incision and scars. An eyebrow lift can be completed comfortably with sedation and generally supported local anesthesia.

    What to consider before forehead and eyebrow lifting operation

    Before surgery, you should report your medications and chronic diseases to Dr. Aykut GOk specialists. You should decamp your bad habits, such as smoking and alcohol, for a while. And you shouldn’t take blood thinners.

    Before the operation, a meeting with Dr. Aykut Gok specialists is held and it is decided which method to perform the forehead lift operation.

    The healing process after forehead and eyebrow lifting operation

    According to the method used in forehead lift operation, the healing process varies. Dr. Aykut Gok specialists generally consider it appropriate to use the endoscopic method. Since this method is performed with local anesthesia, the patient is discharged on the same day. Temporary conditions such as swelling, bruising, numbness, and numbness may be seen after the forehead lift operation. The dressing made on the ground in the groove of the incisions is removed after 2 days.

    Considerations After Forehead Lift Operation

    It is recommended not to shower for the first 5-6 days after forehead lift operation.

    Heavy exercises should be avoided for 2 months following forehead lift operation.

    Avoid clothing that will damage incisions.

    The operation area should not be exposed to the sun.

    The recommendations of Dr. Aykut Gok experts should be followed and medications should be taken without interruption.