Fat Injection

Fat injection is the delivery of fat cells taken from one place to another with a needle. The area taken is usually the abdomen. Given that fat cells continue to live in their new place, where they serve as a filler. The success of fat injection depends on the fact that the given cells continue to live. If the given cells die, after a few weeks, the entire filling effect disappears. In short, dead fats melt.

The fat injection has many different techniques and tools. Fats are taken with special liposuction injectors and transferred to another injector and injected into their new places. At both stages, there is no need to make cuts and stitches, and local anesthesia is sufficient.

What Does The Success Of The Transaction Depend On?

The success of this process depends entirely on the tools and techniques used. Until recent years, the melting of fats given was almost a rule. But in the last few years, there has been serious progress, and the likelihood that the oils that are now given will hold has seriously increased. The aim is to correct the metal burrs that may be in the cannula and cover the surface with an alloy, that is, gold, which will cause minimal damage to the cells. There are also many details such as the fact that the cells taken do not come into contact with air, the size of the injectors where the oils are given, the pressure you apply.

Where Are Oils Given Most Often?

It’s often used in the facial area. A little fat can be given to thicken the lips, destroy the deep wrinkles at the edge of the mouth, plump the cheekbones, or even enlarge the lower jaw a little. Fat is also often used to correct the shape of the hips, correct liposuction deformities that have been done before, and caused collapses. After some accidents, this process can also be resorted to. For example, if a collapse has occurred in the forehead area, it can be filled with oil. It is useful to make oil injections in the operating room environment. The procedure takes about 20 minutes. But the preparation of the oils taken also takes at least that long, and the total time can approach an hour. Local anesthesia is always sufficient.

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    Complications and problems

    If it’s a miscarriage, there may be a risk of infection. In this case, small abscesses can be seen in this area. Antibiotics and dressing will be sufficient as treatment. The most common problem that can occur will be the melting of fats. Since the given oils always melt homogeneously, asymmetry is very rare. In other words, if the fat on the left side of your lip has melted, the fat on the right side will melt in the same amount. Fat-dissolving also does not cause any health problems, and the process can be repeated if desired.

    What to know about fat infection operation

    Form of anesthesia: local anesthesia and sedation.

    Operation time: 1 hour

    Duration of hospitalization: you can be discharged after a few hours.

    After surgery, pain distress: there may be a slight whining for a few days. Usually, simple painkillers taken orally are enough.

    Swelling, bruising: between 3-6 days, moderate.

    Dressing: None.

    Stitches: no stitches to remove

    When to return to work: the next day.

    Sports: 1 week later.

    Final figure: usually takes place after a week or two

    Which Regions Are Suitable For Fat Injection?

    Fat injection is mostly performed to plump the lips, alleviate the appearance of deep wrinkles around the mouth, and increase the cheekbones and lower jaw.

    In a way, facial fat injection is most often preferred to achieve an aesthetic appearance. Since this procedure eliminates the need to undergo an operation to achieve small contour changes in the face, the demands for this intervention have recently increased.

    Facial fat injection may be performed before facial aesthetic surgery to predict the future appearance of the face after surgery. For example, a patient who wants to have an augmented jaw may enjoy an injection of fat before lower jaw surgery to experience future facial appearances in advance. Surgery can be planned if the patient finds the results of the fat injection satisfactory.

    What Should Be Considered After Fat Injection?

    After the procedure is completed, a cold compress is applied to the injection site. The goal is to reduce and minimize possible swelling. However, cold compression does not cause any discomfort. Because only ice bags or cold gel are usually applied to the injection site every 15 minutes.

    There may be slight swelling in the intervention area for two days. Only with lip augmentation, the swelling can last longer, and the volume of swelling may be slightly greater compared to fat injections performed in other parts of the face. One day after the procedure, the face can be washed. Five days after the procedure, it may be necessary to apply a light massage to the intervention area.

    After the intervention, small bandages are placed in the treated area and usually removed at the end of the same day or the next day. Antibiotics may need to be used for five days to eliminate the risk of infection.