Face Lift

What Is a Face Lift?
A facelift is an aesthetic operation that creates more changes than all aesthetic operations. Because it directly changes a person’s face. The skin on the face may sag and deform due to age, stress, and psychological events. People who are uncomfortable with these facial deformations resort to aesthetic ways. In facelift operations, different techniques are used according to the severity of the deformation on the person’s face. Dr. Aykut Gok can decide which method is appropriate for each patient and achieve the results they want. In facelift operations, the goal is to eliminate the confusion and pits around the eyes, correct the sagging facial tissue, stretch the lubrication and sagging of the neck.

Operation Duration: 4-5 Hours
Anesthesia: Local-General Anesthesia
Length of Hospital Stay: 2 nights
Return To Social Life: 3-4 Days

How Is a Face Lift Performed?

What Are Face Lift Techniques
Facelift operations are performed using two different techniques. These are the classic facelift technique and endoscopic technique.

A classic facelift technique is applied to patients whose skin is very deformed, wrinkles and sagging are intense. In classic facelift surgery, the operation begins with an incision that begins with the sideburns and continues to the back of the ear. With the help of these incisions, the tissues in the skin of the skin are also stretched. No tension is left on the skin. Long-term results are achieved with this technique.

4 mm surgical cameras are used in facelift operations with the endoscopic method. In the endoscopic technique, incisions are made to the scalp, and thanks to these incisions, the skin tissue is pulled up and stretched. This technique is applied to people who do not have too much deformation on their faces.

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    What To Consider Before A Face Lift?

    Before a facelift, you should report your medications and chronic diseases to Dr. Aykut Gok specialists.
    Our doctors may request that you stop these medications if they deem it necessary. Before this operation, you should decamp to your bad habits, such as smoking and alcohol, for a while. And you shouldn’t take blood thinners.
    Before the operation, a meeting with Dr. Aykut Gok specialists is made to decide which method to perform a facelift operation.
    In the last week, the use of drugs that dilute the blood should be stopped.
    You should inform your doctor about the antibiotics, tranquilizers, diuretics, steroids, and other types of medications you use before surgery.
    These drugs, which are likely to lead to lower blood pressure, loss of potassium and fluid, and inhibition of hormone secretion, can also prevent you from focusing on preoperative anesthesia and coping with surgical stress.

    Healing Process After Face Lift Operation

    Depending on the patient’s condition and facial deformation, Dr. Aykut Gok may also require that the patient stay 2 nights at the hospital.

    The stitches that will be used will melt without having to be removed. The day after the operation is performed, there will be swelling and bruising on the face. In the first week, swelling and bruises will be at a high level and after 1 week they will gradually begin to improve.
    After the first week, you can shower. After a few weeks, you will be completely rid of your swelling and bruises. You can start sports and use makeup.

    What To Consider After a Face Lift Operation?

    You may have pain after this operation. For your pain, you can use painkillers recommended by Dr. Aykut Gok.
    Your doctor may recommend antibiotics, as swelling and edema will occur on your face after a facelift operation. By using the antibiotic recommended by your doctor, you can minimize your edema.
    After the operation, you should protect your face against possible bumps and external effects.
    You should not take a shower in the first week.
    You may need to use a lanyard for some time. Your doctor will refer you to this.
    Small scars may also remain on your scalp in front and behind your ear. This scar will pick up skin color after a few weeks and disappear over time.
    Pain is not felt during the operation, but pain may occur after the operation. You can minimize these pains with painkillers.
    You may need to do it again about 10 years after the facelift operation.