What Is Neck Lift Surgery?

Due to causes such as age, psychological problems, stress, deformations occur in various parts of the body. It is one of them in the oils and wrinkles found on the neck. It accumulates in fats when weight is taken in this region, known as Tickle. When weight is lost, sagging skin can also occur. This condition normally bothers many people. In this case, people resort to neck lift operations. 2 different techniques can be used in neck lift operations. Operation Time: 2-3 Hours Anesthesia: Local-General Anesthesia Hospital Stay: 2 nights Return To Social Life: 3-4 Days

How Is A Neck Lift Performed? What Are The Neck Lift Techniques?

Neck lift operations can be applied together with a facelift operation or can be applied alone. At the same time, liposuction can be performed if there is excess fat in the neck area. Neck lift operations are performed with two different techniques. These are the classic facelift technique and hanger technique.

Classic neck stretching technique is applied to patients whose skin is very deformed, wrinkles and sagging are intense. In this technique, an incision of 2 cm is made from the lower part of the jaw. Through this incision, the tissues located under the jaw are reached. In this way, the excess oils found here can be pulled and the recovery and stretching process are performed on the neck. Another method used in neck lifting operations is the hanging method. Hanging materials are used in this technique. These materials are inserted through the incisions and placed in the area.

The tissues are held by the spiky protrusions on this material and the neck is stretched when it is pulled up. As a result, the sagging will be corrected. But this method is not enough to remove fat found in the tickle area.

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    What To Consider Before Neck Lift Operation

    Aspirin, smoking, and alcohol use should be discontinued before each operation. Therefore, aspirin, smoking, and alcohol use should be stopped before arm lift surgery. In the last week, the use of drugs that dilute the blood should be stopped. Painkillers called Aspranaks, Voltaren, Vermidon should not be used.
    If you need painkillers, Minoset or Novalgin will suffice. Before a neck lift, you should report your medications and chronic diseases to Dr. Aykut Gok specialists. Our doctors can request that you stop taking these medications if they deem it necessary.
    Before this operation, you should decamp to your bad habits, such as smoking and alcohol, for a while.

    Healing Process After Neck Lift Operation

    After this operation, patients can return to work within 1 Week and 10 days. But during this time, they must protect their necks against possible bumps. It is necessary to avoid harsh and sudden neck movements until full recovery occurs. Swelling in the neck area will largely pass at the end of about 3 weeks. 2 weeks after the operation, long walks, and 3 weeks after heavy sports can be started.

    Considerations After Neck Lift Operation

    You may have pain the night after this operation. For your pain, you can use painkillers recommended by Dr. Aykut Gok. Your doctor may recommend antibiotics as swelling and edema will occur on your face after a neck lift operation. By using the antibiotic recommended by your doctor, you can minimize your edema. You must protect your neck area from the sun before full recovery occurs. For this, you can use high-factor sunscreens. For the first 4 weeks, you should lie at a 45-degree angle without turning your neck right and left

    Are The Effects Of Neck Lift Operations Permanent?

    One of the most curious issues about neck lift surgery is whether the effect of the operation is permanent. It is possible that we can answer this question clearly: yes, the results of this operation are permanent. In this context, we can say that the effects of surgery may vary depending on some factors.

    Does it leave a scar after a neck lift?

    The question of whether the scar remains after the stretching operation is another question that is curious about the operation. After the operation, small scars may remain in front and behind your ear, as well as on your scalp. But these scars are temporary. Over time, these scars will get the same color as your skin.

    Pain After Neck Lift Operation

    You may have pain after a neck lift operation. You can use painkillers to relieve these pains. You should not move your neck too much to minimize the impact of the pain in question. According to your doctor’s advice, you should not expect your dressings. Otherwise, pain in the neck may occur much more intensively. If you also want to prevent various sagging and wrinkles that occur in your neck area, you are at the right address.
    As Dr. Aykut Gok, we provide the most professional and high-quality support during the neck lift process.