Breast Lift in Turkey

Breast lift surgery, known as breast lift surgery, removes deformations in the breasts and achieves a natural appearance in the breasts. As Dr. Aykut Gok, we achieve very successful results in breast lift operations with our qualified and experienced surgeons.

How is a Breast Lift Surgery Performed?

The process of breast lift surgery is similar to breast reduction surgery. In breast lift surgery, the pedicle that will first feed the nipple is selected, and then the incision mark that will be applied is decided. In breast lift surgery, excess skin in the chest is removed, and thus the lift is performed. There are 3 different techniques used in breast lift surgery.

What Are The Techniques Used In Breast Lift Surgery?

Breast circumference technique: suitable for women with a small amount of sagging around the nipple. It is not suitable for people with too much sagging.

Vertical technique: this technique is suitable for people with moderate chest sagging problems. Breast lift is performed with incisions made down the circumference of the nipple.

Reverse T technique: this technique is suitable for people with severe and moderate chest sagging problems. Because there is too much sagging in the breast, removal from the breast skin is necessary. More traces remain than other methods.

Dr. Aykut Gok physicians decide which method is best for you. In this way, the success rate of the operations performed at the Dr. Aykut Gok is quite high.

What Should Be Considered After Breast Lift Surgery?

After breast lift surgery, there are some important points to consider. The points in question are generally as follows.

• Like any aesthetic operation, after breast lift surgery, it is necessary to pay a lot of attention and rest for a while.

• Although it is returned to social life 2-3 days after breast lift surgery, it is necessary to wait 2-3 months for sports.

You should not shower until 4 days after breast lift surgery.

Mild pain may occur in people after breast lift surgery. To relieve these pains, you can use a painkiller recommended by your doctor.

Aesthetic operation areas should be protected against possible impacts.

After the operation, individuals should not lift too much weight. In addition, it is necessary to avoid sudden movements. Otherwise, the outcome of the operation could end in disaster.

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    What Should Be Considered Before Breast Lift Surgery?

    There are several important points to consider before breast lift surgery. The points in question are generally as follows.

    Before breast lift aesthetics, various examinations and examinations related to your physical condition are performed. It is also a question of not being suitable for the operation.

    Before the operation, you should tell your doctor about the medications you are using. You may need to stop using certain medications.

    • Before the operation, you must arrange for the companion to stay with you. Otherwise, you may experience various problems.

    You should inform your doctor about the antibiotics, tranquilizers, diuretics, steroids, and other types of medications you use before surgery.

    • These drugs, which are likely to lead to lower blood pressure, loss of potassium and fluid, and inhibition of hormone secretion, can also prevent you from focusing on preoperative anesthesia and coping with surgical stress.

    Healing Process After Breast Lift Surgery

    After breast lift surgery, there will be swelling and pain in the breasts. This swelling and pain are quite normal. After surgery, there may be a pot in the areas where the incision is made, and a difference may occur between the two breasts. These are temporary results. Over time, swelling, pain, pot, and the difference between the two breasts will pass. Temporary bruising will also occur on the breasts. These bruises will also pass over time.

    About 3 days after surgery, bandages are removed and an athlete’s bra should be used. Negative effects of breast lift surgery will begin to gradually pass after 1 Week. During this period, you can use painkillers and medications recommended by Dr. Aykut Gok.

    A Breast Lift And Breast Reduction Integrated Surgery

    Breast lift surgery is usually performed in conjunction with breast reduction surgery. Sagging may occur in the breasts of women who have weight problems or give birth. Breast lift and breast reduction surgery are performed in an integrated way for women with large breasts. Breasts are reduced by various techniques, while at the same time being erect.