What is Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is an operation to enlarge and reshape the breasts, involving using breast implants or fat transfer to enhance your breasts.

Why Should Breast Augmentation Be Preferred?

Many reasons can be mentioned to prefer a breast augmentation operation to make breasts larger and improve the shape. Also, breasts can droop with age or after pregnancy, breastfeeding and weight loss.

Breast augmentation can improve the shape and balance of breasts of different sizes.There will be a decision stage after the necessary examinations are carried out under the supervision of a doctor, If you are faced with one of the following conditions, you can also resort to breast augmentation.

When Should Breast Augmentation Surgery Be Performed?

Breast augmentation surgery is considered as an aesthetic operation that aims to increase the size, shape, or fullness of the breast. For this reason, it is necessary to be very meticulous before deciding on the operation. Otherwise, it can be stated that the results that will be achieved will not meet expectations. Although breast augmentation procedures are recommended for people over the age of 18, it is more valuable to decide after a physical examination.
This process, which is usually resorted to by women over the age of 30, can be caused by disorders observed in adolescence. In addition, depending on the advancing age, it is possible to benefit from breast augmentation aesthetic procedures

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    Methods Of Breast Augmentation Surgery

    Different techniques are used related to breast augmentation procedures. The physician decides which method to use while these techniques are valuable to meet the expectations of the patients.

    Mammoplasty (Augmentation Mammoplasty)

    Augmentation mammoplasty is placing silicone under the mammary gland or chest muscle. Although it is possible to increase the growth of breasts in volume using fat tissue, which is visually better quality, it is not possible to be a permanent solution. It should be mentioned that the enlargement with silicone will provide both more successful and more permanent solutions.

    Augmentation Mammoplasty with Adipose Tissue

    Applications performed by injecting adipose tissue can be considered more advantageous in general terms. But it is necessary to mention that these applications will not provide lasting results. In this context, fat injection solutions should be preferred according to the final decision of the patients

    How Is The Healing Process After Breast Augmentation?

    Since breast augmentation is a surgical procedure, it is necessary to make efforts for the highest quality results related to the healing process.

    The first detail about the healing process is related to pain, which will be completed under the supervision of a doctor. Pain is experienced differently by everyone, but most patients report feeling tightness or muscle soreness in the first week.

    This is accompanied by swelling, which is normal and should significantly subside after 7 days. Surgical scars are likely to become uncertain within 6 months to 12 months. Although there is some tension in the breasts, this tension will likely disappear over time. In general, full recovery from a breast augmentation can take on average 6 weeks.

    Attention After Breast Augmentation Surgery

    After breast augmentation surgery, it is necessary to review what needs to be considered. Your surgeon will give you instructions for recovery and will make sure you have a follow-up appointment scheduled.

    Tension and pain are likely to occur in the breasts. For this reason, patients should continue a coordinated process with the doctor without worrying. After the operation, it is necessary to wait 1 week for a return to daily activities. The sensation of pain varies depending on the patient and the application.

    The answer for when to shower after surgery will be 3 days. It is also strictly forbidden for women who have to wear an athlete’s bra for 1 month to carry a heavy load.