Mommy Makeover in Istanbul

A plastic surgery procedure is performed to eliminate and improve changes that disturb the appearance, such as the sagging abdomen, breasts that do not look plump, excess fat formed on the hips, which occur on the body after mothers have children and end the breastfeeding period, is called a mommy makeover.

Patients who want to have a maternal aesthetic are recommended to do it after 6 months of birth.

Who Needs Mommy Makeover?

No matter how much weight is lost after you go on a strict diet after pregnancy and become the desired weight, your body will not improve sagging and you will need a surgical operation.

What Operations Are Usually Needed?
Among the most needed operations. Breast surgery, Tummy tuck, Liposuction and labia minora (reduction of the inner lips of the vagina) operations are performed.

Chest Surgeries Since the blink ejaculation occurs in the chest thoracic surgery, breast lift or reduction will be required. The purpose of breast lift surgery is to place sagging breasts in their former location and ensure that they have an upright breast.

The sagging condition is not seen again after surgery. The suture marks formed will disappear over time, taking on the skin’s color. Breast reduction operations aim to eliminate issues such as pain in the back and shoulder areas of the breast size, restriction of activities, and difficulty in choosing clothes. Breasts can be different from each other.
This is an operation to make them equal and provide a beautiful appearance.

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    Tummy Tuck

    A tummy tuck is performed due to sagging in the abdomen. In addition, a tummy tuck is performed during the passage of the scars of those who give birth by caesarean section. The aim of abdominoplasty surgery is to remove excess fat tissue in the abdomen and to achieve a flat abdomen.
    Tummy tuck surgery can be performed after diet and exercise in overweight patients.


    Liposuction surgery is the process of removing fat formed in the body. It is applied to the leg (inner and outer), abdomen, basins, arms, and face areas. As a face, the neck area is treated. No matter how much weight is lost in the diet and exercises that we do, some areas also do not go fat.
    It is the removal of unwanted adipose tissue collected in certain areas. It is to ensure the correction of the body and get a pleasant and desired appearance.

    Genital Aesthetic

    Labia minora (inner lips of the vagina) is reduced, vagina narrowing operation is performed. This process is the recovery of the vagina, which hangs down.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    After the mother’s Aesthetic Surgery, there may be pain at certain intervals during the first 1 Week. These pains can be eliminated with painkillers given alone. It is not a difficult process, and the pain will be stopped in a short time.

    After 6 months for patients who have undergone breast surgery, and after 1 year for patients who have undergone a tummy tuck, they may have a pregnancy period again. Because the pregnancy process is a difficult period, small changes may occur in your body. Therefore, patients plan the time of pregnancy according to this situation.

    It is important not to exercise and lift weights for some time after tummy tuck and breast operations. After tummy tuck surgery, the patient should not force himself. He should lie in The Shape of a V and walk, leaning forward for a certain period. For patients undergoing tummy tuck and breast lift operations, dressing is performed for two weeks at intervals of 2-3 days.

    Bruises that occur pass after a short period and pass within 2 months in edema formed in the body. After breast surgery, patients can return to their daily life within a few days. Liposuction surgery can rest for 1 day and return to our daily life without affecting our daily life.

    1-month corset should be used. Can All Operations Be Done Simultaneously? In maternity aesthetics, all these procedures can be done simultaneously. According to the patient’s condition and demands, the operation can be planned in various ways. Some operations and operations have rest and control processes. In this direction, your transactions are performed in the best and shortest time interval. Performing processing processes at different times allows you to rest and not stay behind in your social life.

    The healing process varies from person to person. If more than one procedure is performed at the same time, the time that the patient will need for recovery will be extended. For this reason, recovery time varies from person to person and process. As with any surgery, there will be cut marks in maternal Aesthetic Surgery. These scars are covered with a bikini or bra. In any case, over time, the color of these scars will open and be the same as your skin color. Therefore, you should not have any doubts about the traces.