Butt Lift Surgery in Istanbul

What Is Butt Lift?

Every person wants to have beautiful body contours. Everyone especially wants the butt to be proportional and smooth with the body. As a result of frequent weight loss and genetic effects, sagging can occur in the butt. People who do not have the ideal butt want to make their butt look smooth, round, and upturned with various techniques. With aesthetic operations, the butt can be brought to the desired shape. Any operation to correct the shape of the butt is called butt lifting. People who want to have a butt lift can easily contact Dr. Aykut Gok.

Dr. Aykut Gok will decide which of the butt enlargement and lift methods will be suitable for you. Because the effect of methods varies from person to person. Anyone who does not have any health problems and is older than 18 years of age can do butt lifting regardless of male or female.

Operation Duration: 1.5-2 hours

Anesthesia: General

Length Hospital Stay: 1 day

Return to Social Life: 4-5 days

How Is Butt Lifting Performed?

There are many types of butt lift that will be applied according to the wishes and expectations of patients. The excess skin on the butt can be removed with the butt stretching technique while the liposuction method, hanging, fat injection, and butt prosthesis are used to enlarge the butt and erect the butt. Butt lifting surgeries use butt prostheses in people with high tissue loss in the butt. These prostheses are placed on the butt by making 3-5 cm incisions. It is also possible to enlarge the butt and remove the butt with fat injection. For this method to be applied, the patient must have excess adipose tissue.

There is a 30% risk in butt augmentation and lift operations with fat injection. This risk is that the injected fat dissolves and the body rejects the fat. In such a case, the application of fat injection can be performed again.

Hanger technique is preferred for wraps formed as a result of excess weight loss. In the hanger technique, medical hangers are placed on the hip and it is provided to pull the butt up. As a result of this technique, no traces remain, but it is a temporary method. It needs to be repeated. All the techniques that exist in Butt Lifting are evaluated by Dr. Aykut Gok experts and aesthetic application is made to the patient with the most appropriate method.

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    What Should Be Considered Before Butt Lifting?

    Butt lifting is an issue that needs to be very sensitive. It is very important to contact specialist doctors in their field by researching them well. Before Butt Lifting, you should stop using medications such as blood thinners, painkillers, and do not eat or drink about 6 hours before the operation. In this process, you should also stay away from habits such as smoking and alcohol that will damage your metabolism.

    Recovery Process After Butt Lift Surgery

    After Butt Lift is performed, the speed of the healing process varies according to various factors. The technique used in the healing rate and the deformation in the butt is very important. In general, it can be returned to social life within no more than 1 Week. But for activities such as weightlifting, sports, a period of at least 1 month is required. In other methods, except for the hanging method, small traces will remain. But these scars will disappear over time and take on your skin color. Thanks to stitches called Dr. Aykut Gok special stitches, the stitches will melt on their own without having to remove your stitches. This condition is very important for people. After the operation is performed, you can sit on your butt, but it is not recommended to sit for a long time. After the first 1 Week, you can sit comfortably.

    What Should Be Considered After Butt Lifting?

    • After butt lift operations are performed, Dr. Aykut Gok examine patients. As a result of this examination.
    • After butt lifting operations, you should rest for at least 1 Week. You should not make sudden movements when you sit and get up and push the area too hard.
    • If you have a lot of pain after the butt lift, you can ask your doctor to recommend a drug.
    • You can shower 4 days after butt lift operation.