Ear Surgery

What is Scoop Ear Aesthetic?

People are often uncomfortable with their ears and resort to surgical methods. The operation that people with Scoop ear problems resort to is scoop ear operation.

A scoop of the ear occurs as a result of the fact that the folds of the ear are not formed enough due to the weak cartilage in the ears. There are a few issues that people who want to resort to aesthetic surgery to eliminate deformities in the ears should know.

Why Is Scoop Ear Surgery Performed?

Scoop ear problems usually occur in children, teenagers in adolescence. In addition, adults may experience various problems with the size and shape of their ears.The problems in question also lead to various problems, such as lack of self-confidence, emotional and psychological.
School-age children can also be negatively affected psychologically and emotionally. This condition, which can also cause sensitivity in adolescents and adults in adolescence, can be eliminated in minutes with Scoop ear aesthetics surgery.

How Is Scoop Ear Aesthetics Performed?

What Techniques Are Used In Scoop Ear Aesthetics?

As a result of surgical examinations, the plastic surgeon will share with you what type of operation to perform.

The patient is laid on a stretcher, turning sideways, the head area is covered so that only the ear where the operation will take place is exposed. The doctor then makes some drawings and small interventions in this area and determines the areas where the deformation will be eliminated.

At the beginning of the operation, anesthesia is applied to the ears. Because only regional anesthesia is performed, patients are conscious. Scoop ear aesthetics are performed by 2 different methods. The first of these is the method made with incisions. In this method, a small incision is made behind the ear, and thanks to this incision, the cartilage can be given the desired shape. After this operation, special suture is applied to the patient and thus the sutures melt spontaneously without the need for suture removal. In addition, there are no incision marks in the visible part of the ear. The cartilage section of the ear is cut around 3 cm.

In the second method, rope scoop ear aesthetics, the patient’s ears are pulled back and the necessary corrections are tried to be made.

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    What Should Be Considered Before Scoop Ear Aesthetics?

    As with other operations, some important considerations should be considered before scoop ear aesthetics. In general, we can sort these issues as follows.

    When a patient who has been examined decides to have surgery, he should pay attention to his sleep pattern until the surgery and sleep for at least 8 hours a day.
    As with every operation, it is necessary to stop taking aspirin and smoking, and drinking alcohol three weeks in advance.
    You should inform your doctor about the antibiotics, tranquilizers, diuretics, steroids, and other types of medications you use before surgery.
    It is recommended that people who will undergo surgery have a companion with them. But this operation can also occur individually, as it is a simple procedure.
    You must remove your jewelry before Aesthetic Surgery.
    People who smoke are recommended not to smoke for a week before the operation and for a week after the operation.

    How Long Does Scoop Ear Surgery Take?

    Scoop ear aesthetics is not a very long-lasting type of aesthetics. The procedure is performed in such a short period that the patient cannot understand. After local anesthesia, the scratches were removed and the quarter time was left behind. After an operation lasting half an hour, the duration of the scoop ear aesthetics varies according to the deformation.

    Does The Scoop Leave A Scar After Ear Surgery?

    The issue of whether scars will remain after scoop ear surgery is one of the issues that people are most interested in. During the operation, incisions are made from the invisible part of the ear. In this direction, there are no traces left in any visible place. At the same time, incisions will take on skin color over time.

    Healing Process After Scoop Ear Aesthetics

    After scoop ear aesthetics, patients can return to their normal lives on the same day. After the operation is completed, it is necessary to wear a hairband for 3-4 weeks. Because swelling and edema will occur after the operation. It is possible to minimize this swelling and edema by wearing a hairband. In addition, the hairband will prevent the friction of the ear from right to left. After the operation, the cartilage hardens over time and takes the desired shape. It takes 6-12 months for the ear to get the desired shape.

    What Should Be Considered After Scoop Ear Aesthetics?

    After scoop ear aesthetics, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the ear is not moistened and wet.
    Do not shower for 1 week after a scoop ear operation.
    For the first 4 weeks, it is necessary to protect the ear from possible blows.
    Do not enter the pool and sea for the first 3 months.
    Alcohol and smoking should be avoided in the first days.
    In physical movements, you need to behave in a way of attention.
    Attention should be paid to the doctor’s recommendations during the healing process.